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released June 17, 2014

All music by Street Eaters. Recorded by Stan Wright at Buzz Or Howl Studios, Portland. Mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory, London.



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Street Eaters Berkeley, California

Truewave//Punk band from the bay area


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Track Name: Reverse
If you could hold time in your hand, would it all just slip away?
Mixing night into day, we know how this all ends
We've seen all this before
Time spirals and it links
But seldomly dead-ending

If you could hold time in your hand, and formed a tightened fist
Could we run in reverse?
We know how this all ends
And will you come to regret what hasn't happened yet?
Or will you use the power to try and stop the worst?
If you lived in reverse you'd see the end come first
You'll know - oh no

At the end of time I climb into the womb
The only place where I can get away from truth
From youth
From doom
Track Name: Null
There's fading power in my eyes
determination to conclude a losing fight
With sweet, sweet failure in sight
and so much left to lose
I am awash with the relief of letting all I love ignite
and burn
I'll make it burn

I lay my head down in the ash
all snug and wrapped in regret
and watch as green, green shoots grow up like shards of glass
As it lulls me into sleep
I feel a comfort knowing that if I don't sow then I won't reap
I'll make it null
Track Name: Blood::Muscles::Bones
Alone in my room at night, I'm lying in my bed
My ears keep on ringing to the music in my head
I can't sleep, it gets so loud and drowns out all the thoughts
that should be mine, and mine alone
It's the only thing no one can touch

Feels like my skin is burning
I'm so frayed, my nails are to the quick
My bones, I know that they will bend but they won't break
They will never break

How weird it is to realize that the way you see yourself
doesn't line up evenly with your placement on their shelf
What's inside is like a tiger, and it's clawing at the bars
The winds I feel them changing, they will take me where I want to go

Yes, I think it really matters
If you are dying in your own skin
It can't wait
It's all just a combination of blood, muscles, and our bones
They will never break

Yes it really matters, yes it really matters
to me

I will never break
Track Name: Dead Parts
Pictures are grey
burned and decayed
memories will fade

I saw you there
standing right there
won't walk away
memories will fade

After that day
that time and that space
never be the same

Well, I'm always looking
to find a place that's safe
but I wish I didn't have to
I've got to find a place to breathe
To be ok...leave the past far away

And the world tomorrow
like the world today
will be full of monsters who often get their way

I will not be broken
I will not be bound
I will not be told
That I shouldn't make a sound

But now I think it's better
to choose your own family
than wait for the will to die
with the one you've got

True, what doesn't kill you
just makes the pain hurt less
But don't forget yourself
even the dead parts

Still alive, with all the scars
and all the dead parts
Track Name: Tailings
Your nadir's reached again and you are looking back
At all the tailings from your pits shiny and black
Surging pools, absorbing heat
The same mistakes have left you naked, cold, and incomplete

Meanwhile, downriver, where your tailings all do flow
Headed straight to people who love you the most
They head upstream with clothes to comfort you
Catastrophic floods destroy their homes while out of view
And you shake all of the toxins off you
Straight from your skin into the river

Now you want to run away and not look back
But all your actions made that road a poisoned track
People want to forgive you, when you beg to redeem
But where is all the help for people who were harmed downstream?

And you shake all of the toxins off you
Straight from your skin into the river
You get support from engines of redemption
Those who survive you have to fix things on their own

Acceptance and forgiveness
For the ones who poison the river
While everyone downstream has to fix things on their own
...because that is all we know
Track Name: Empty Rooms
video for Empty Rooms HERE

Empty Rooms
Closing doors and words unspoken
I don’t remember enough of you
I can’t hear your voice.

Marble, steel and glass
Memories blur and edges darken
I don't remember enough of you
I can't hear your voice
Images don't come through
Buried inside my head

We build these rooms inside our heads
We build them, and never live in them
Mausoleum walls
Not talking, just empty echoing

Can you hear the echoes?

So many times we talked and talked
And I knew that you would answer me
In empty rooms, the echoes are all that answer me
Alive or dead here, it’s all the same here

Can you hear the echoes?
Track Name: West
In the west they gutted you
Looted most and killed the rest
Half-truths, golden parachutes
In the west they say it's for the best

You said if I'd wait then you'd give me what I want

In the west we follow the rest
But dig our own graves

They say it's manifest
The price of progress

In the west they sat it's true
You cut the tree but keep the nest
Well, when the others are all used up
In the west they'll sell you like the rest

You said if I'd wait then you'd give me what I want
follow, follow, follow, follow, follow
In the west the sun never sets
A sun cold and grey

Our destiny is manifest
We'll be our own slaves
Track Name: Running Dog
Hey, can you hear it?
Can you hear that sound?

I am the running dog,
I’d like to cheat the system,
Just like a welfare queen,
I’d like to bleed the beast.

When I hear the sound of bells across the floor for morning opening
I feel a tingle, from my scalp down to my knees
And the calls roll in
All day until bells sound closing
And I lie, and cheat and steal

But do I sleep at night?

Hey, can you hear that sound at night?
It comes from deep inside
I am the injured dog,
I tried to bleed the beast.

Bailout or will I fail,
At least I know I’ll get what’s mine.
Because hey, can you hear that sound at night?

Can you hear it, tell me
It comes from deep inside.
Hey, can you hear those bells at night?

They kill from deep inside.
Track Name: Waxwing
With light from a billion suns
We fight, pushing night away
Our choice, warm or sterile
All show what we don't want to know

Inside our caves, around our graves

We move at the speed of sound
To go where we shouldn't be
Our blood clots in hands and feet
They die and we lose them

We trade our legs to speed away

And the rising tide we have created
Fills our mouths with byproducts of everything

All the wheels and gears, turning and grinding
Taking human space, making room for more
Wheels and gears

We must produce
We must consume
We must ignite
We must all fight

Now all the death we've made
Comes in with the tide
Meat grows from lifeless cells, we must produce we must consume
And all the light we fake slices up our eyes

We push the night away so we can make and use and use
We fly straight to the sun, but fall into the sea

And on the ground they're dreaming
Wax wings, flying to the sun
Of all the flights they'll take
Wax melts, falling to the sea

But even darkness falling
Won't save you from the burning sky

We fight
For the final time
With light
Billion suns in one
Burning up the sky
We lose, every one of us

Produce, consume, all fight, ignite
Produce – consume – abuse – no use
No wings nor legs we stare at space
Track Name: Comets
It’s all the same now
Shooting out of control
It’s all the same
If you want it
Count the hearts you stole

Like molecules we collide and hit each other
Only to go and run away
Circling our spheres like planets
In and out, in and out of space

It’s all the same now
Open hands will hold
With closed eyes you will see nothing
Just feel nothing but the cold

It’s all the same now
Shooting out of control
It’s all the same
If you want it
Count the hearts you stole

Like molecules we collide and hit each other
Only to go and run away
Circling our spheres like planets
In and out, in and out of space

In and out from time to time to time
Orbits do not run in a perfect line
In and out from time to time to time