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Street Eaters s​/​t Euro only release

by Street Eaters

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Window 02:53
WINDOW I stand at my window watch the world pass me by Wringing hands, looking down wondering if I should try But I sit biding my time Watch the clock, waiting in time ...every day When I was a kid I thought that I could walk through walls On the bus, or on my bike Miles and miles on foot I'd hike I'd count my blisters with pride But now, the cage walls come down In the shadows, dangers lurk Where did my freedom go, my naivete? What good has wisdom brought me? To jump at shadows...Or stare them down? I look into the shadows and the shadows look right back We look into each other's eyes Sometimes I'm paralyzed, my eyes are open wide to see things I'd never want to see What good has this done me?
Culture War 03:02
CULTURE WAR We all ignored those words for just a little too long The sticks are in a bundle and all we know is wrong Now it's too late to apologize and get to bed because it's time Can't put it back in the bottle Because we smashed that bottle up On the dinner table, I see the fragments of civil society in the turkey and the cake We can keep on drinking ourselves into a culture war if we like and I won't hold my tongue this time Just because you're meaner and your voices are louder Doesn't mean you've got the right to hurt anyone who doesn't think like you In the pumpkin pie, I taste the shards of civil society Cut my gums and break my teeth Well, It's too late now to apologize and get to bed because it's time Though I never wanted this culture war There will always be a culture war
Blades 02:11
Dead Parts 03:08
DEAD PARTS Pictures are grey burned and decayed memories will fade I saw you there standing right there won't walk away memories will fade After that day that time and that space never be the same Well, I'm always looking to find a place that's safe but I wish I didn't have to I've got to find a place to breathe To be ok...leave the past far away And the world tomorrow like the world today will be full of monsters who often get their way I will not be broken I will not be bound I will not be told That I shouldn't make a sound But now I think it's better to choose your own family than wait for the will to die with the one you've got True, what doesn't kill you just makes the pain hurt less But don't forget yourself even the dead parts Still alive, with all the scars and all the dead parts
SHAKY CASTLES Well the bricks will be hard enough where the targets are far too easy Are you home? In your shaky castle? Where the gates climb high but we climb higher still You're not the paranoid type You don't believe that we can find you ...but we will Are you at work? In your lofty penthouse? What you don't know is you are on a cliff This won't subside Can you build walls high enough? Are your walls strong enough? Perceptions of security ...you won't be safe You made the whole world into the third world You are not faceless now we know your names You're all just animals Soft, furless animals like we ...but we are many


Self-titled 12" EP (2012), released in Europe only on Cut The Cord That...Records in Munster, Germany (ctct-records-blog-blog.tumblr.com/releases), 500 copies limited release - sold out


released September 25, 2012

Recorded by Matt Waters, mastered by Daniel Husayn at NLBF. Spindle art by Crystal Tremer, all other album artwork by Megan March and John No.


all rights reserved



Street Eaters Berkeley, California

Truewave//Punk band from the bay area

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