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"Nation Builder" is written from the perspective of a violent felon, from a background of poverty, who is paroled and finds that his only reasonable option for employment is to join the armed services to fight in our myriad "nation building" wars in the middle east. Once there, he discovers that his learned proclivity for violence is given perfect expression by America's behavior in the modern world, and that his dangerous behavior is in fact encouraged and rewarded as a pawn in the theater of imperialist occupation he is thrust into. It soon becomes apparent to him, however, that the neo-conservative "dream" of an American-dominated globe with violently-subjugated vassal-states is a product of the exact same set of socioeconomic and political forces that made him into the monster he was raised to be. His paranoia and fear, already at a fever pitch, go through the roof, and he realizes that the only way to achieve his own dream of inner peace is to commit suicide; this makes the cycle of violence complete.



i know it's hot outside
but it's hotter in here
i can't get out
i can't get in
out of my head, into where i am now
another world, another gun

they got me out of hell to build another nation
army or jail, a world ghetto
either way i shoot at all who cross me
its all the same, a video game

this time i know its right, i feel it
time to go outside
my gun is screaming, but who is the enemy?
i know it's their war, but my war's inside of me
one war for another, one world bleeding
the other one is dead

i know that i should run, but where to?
nowhere is safe, from others like me
fighting for the dreams of those who want me dead
i fight for them
i die for them

i dream of an island
far from the shore
i'll swim away, into the ocean
i want my own dream
i want to sleep in peace

i know what dreams are made from
alone at night
i know what dreams are made from
water and light

i'll swim deeper

i know what dreams are made from
i know these dreams are made wrong
i know what dreams are made from
i know these dreams are built wrong

these dreams are built of death and fire

i will swim away
i will die today


from Rusty Eyes and Hydrocarbons, released July 12, 2011



all rights reserved


Street Eaters Berkeley, California

Truewave//Punk band from the bay area


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