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With light from a billion suns
We fight, pushing night away
Our choice, warm or sterile
All show what we don't want to know

Inside our caves, around our graves

We move at the speed of sound
To go where we shouldn't be
Our blood clots in hands and feet
They die and we lose them

We trade our legs to speed away

And the rising tide we have created
Fills our mouths with byproducts of everything

All the wheels and gears, turning and grinding
Taking human space, making room for more
Wheels and gears

We must produce
We must consume
We must ignite
We must all fight

Now all the death we've made
Comes in with the tide
Meat grows from lifeless cells, we must produce we must consume
And all the light we fake slices up our eyes

We push the night away so we can make and use and use
We fly straight to the sun, but fall into the sea

And on the ground they're dreaming
Wax wings, flying to the sun
Of all the flights they'll take
Wax melts, falling to the sea

But even darkness falling
Won't save you from the burning sky

We fight
For the final time
With light
Billion suns in one
Burning up the sky
We lose, every one of us

Produce, consume, all fight, ignite
Produce – consume – abuse – no use
No wings nor legs we stare at space


from BLOOD​:​:​MUSCLES​:​:​BONES, released June 17, 2014



all rights reserved


Street Eaters Berkeley, California

Truewave//Punk band from the bay area


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